Monday 4 December 2023  

Clad Facade - Exposed Brickwork

In a number of regions, the use of stone cladding on external walls is a design prerequisite both for listed and new structures.  Further, in many instances stone lining on internal wall surfaces is the prefered design solution. 

It should be further stressed too, that solid stonework itself does not provide sufficient thermal insulation of the building envelope. As an indication, stonewool insulation in 5cm thickness is equal in terms of thermal resistance to a 2,5m thick stone wall.   


FIBRANgeo in exposed brickwork construction

  • As an alternative to conventional cavity brick wall construction, FIBRANgeo Β-570 stonewool insulation boards are fixed on the outer side of the brick wall skin, and the facade wall skin is fixed onto the structural wall with UFS type fixings.

  • Where reinforced concrete elements meet the external cavity walls, linear thermal bridges appear, a phenomenon which cannot be easily avoided.  Therefore, the construction of a single skin wall 'boxed' in the building's structural frame is preferred, the insulation layer placed in the construction by use of special metal fixings, which also act as ties between the internal structural wall skin and the external wall skin.  The projecting reinforced concrete elements (e.g. balconies) should also be carefully insulated. 

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